Allow usernames up to 30 characters

Version 1.56.0


Previous hard default was 14 character max. As newer version of MySQL/MariaDB support longer names (or could be modified to do so), DirectAdmin has been changed to allow a longer username length. Unless you really need it, we'd recommend sticking to 14, eg: max_username_length=14 but you can set it to: max_username_length=30 if needed. Be sure to confirm with the MySQL/MariaDB versoins you're running how long they support, else they'll throw errors when DA tries to set a long value. Not 100% certain on the required version for longer values, but: - 16 characters before MySQL 5.7.8 .Aug 25, 2016 - up to 80 characters for MariaDB 10.x So to increase the max_username_length=30, you'd need at a minimum: MySQL 5.7.8+ OR MariaDB 10.x+ But regardless, before setting this, you may want to confirm for yourself. Take the da_admin login from: /usr/local/directadmin/conf/mysql.conf login to your server at: and click the "mysql" database on the left. Click the "db" table on the left, below the mysql db. Near the top, click the "structure" tab. Under the "Type" column, see the char() length for both Db and User. The User seems to be the smaller of the two, so if it shows 32, then you can use max_username_length=30 If the User type is char(16), then the max_usernamae_length=14 would be as high as you should set it.

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