Virtual Email API for passwords and listing.

Version 1.202


API for virtual email accounts. List and change passwords. Email Users can now change their passwords without the need of a webmaster: /CMD_CHANGE_EMAIL_PASSWORD note, if you include the form value "api", you will get url encoded results. if you include the form value "redirect", you will be redirected to it's value upon the successful password change. Misc api functions for DA Users /CMD_API_POP action=list& returns list[]=bob&list[]=fred&list[]=emailuser action=create& creates an email account action=delete& delete an email account they return standard api results (error=1&text=some text&details=more text) Feature can be disabled with: email_ftp_password_change=0 in the directadmin.conf, in DA 1.41.0. #documentation added June 24, 2014 To suspend an account: action=delete&suspend=anytext&user=emailuser&

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