Backup Settings: can change related directadmin.conf settings

Version 1.56


Evolution only at the moment. The Admin Level -> Admin Backup/Transfer -> Backup/Restore Settings will now include the related directadmin.conf options in the json out from: CMD_ADMIN_BACKUP?json=yes "settings" : ... "directadmin_conf": { "add_non_readable_files_to_strict_backup": { "type": "i01", "value": "1" }, "allow_backup_encryption": { "type": "i01", "value": "1" }, .... "backup_nice": { "type": "ir:-20:19", "value": "19" }, ... Where you can add the settings below to the existing action=setting form. Use only the desired settings, as some are more advanced.. might not be 100% suitable for novices to change them. For example if you set strict_backup_permissions=0 (not recommended), then you must have backup_hard_link_check=1. DA will let you set what you want, but the skin should not allow those combinations. The manual directadmin.conf would allow it, but would be somewhat of a security issue, as strict_backup_permissions=0 runs backups as root. For the novice User, these might be simplest to show: backup_ftp_pre_test backup_ftp_md5 allow_backup_encryption restore_database_as_admin tally_after_restore backup_hard_link_check (only show this option if strict_backup_permissions=1) But the following settings *are* available if you want them: skip_hometargz_in_backups skip_domains_in_backups skip_imap_in_backups direct_imap_backup skip_uebimiau_in_backups skip_roundcube_in_backups skip_databases_in_backups skip_ftp_on_backup_fail backup_apache_files_list allow_backup_exclude_path backup_hard_link_check strict_backup_permissions add_non_readable_files_to_strict_backup backup_ftp_pre_test backup_ftp_md5 allow_backup_encryption backup_gzip backup_nice add_non_readable_files_to_strict_backup restore_database_as_admin tally_after_restore where each setting includes the current value from the directadmin.conf, but also that setting "type". The current types are: i01: integer, either 0 or 1. b01: boolean, either 0 or 1 i: integer: anything from -2147483647 to 2147483647. ir:low:high: integer range, with numerical low and high values. See "backup_nice" example, above. The implementation of the "type" option is a change to the core Config class, where that class doesn't more checking of it's own. Will be adding those type checks more in the future for other directadmin.conf options, but for now, it's just these backup options, only in the Admin backup/restore settings.

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