Domains: user.conf to block domain adding/deleting

Version 1.56


New custom user.conf option: users_can_add_remove_domains=0|1|2 where it's not present in the user.conf by default, and internally loads to 0. If added to the user.conf, you can set it to 1 or 2 where: users_can_add_remove_domains=1 will block the ability to delete any domain. users_can_add_remove_domains=2 will block the ability to add or delete any domain. ============= DIRECTADMIN.CONF The directadmin.conf file now also has a duplicate of this setting, which will be the default, taken first. It defaults to 0 internally. If set to 1 or 2 or in the directadmin.conf, this will be the new global default. The user.conf value will override it, if set (eg: can override back to 0 in the directadmin.conf, for example) T14300

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