Plugins: admin_run_as=root

Version 1.56


Admin Level plugins are now allowed to run as root, but only if: plugins_allowed_run_as=1 is enabled in the directadmin.conf, and if the plugin has this set in it's plugin.conf: admin_run_as=root Reseller and User Level plugin call cannot run as root. If you need root access, you'd need to use a wrapper. ==== NOTE: Running a plugin as root can be very dangerous. If you chose to use this option, only do so with an extreme level of variable input sanitation and checking. If making calls to things on disk, ensure nothing passed with the input can be used in a mischievous manner (like paths with ../ in them, etc). If you make many calls which could be run as a less privileges User, consider using this guide to make those call with sudo AS that user, instead of full root: allowing your script root access, but the security for the user-access calls from that script.

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