Incremental Backup: Borg: save bandwidth, restore points

Version 1.61.6


Borg implementation, fully integrated with DirectAdmin backup system. New option for borg, with sub-location specified by borg. One borg repository for each backup creator, local or remote/ssh. T:13766 T:14994 T:12947 ======================================= FORMAT CHANGE This applies to all backups, not just Borg. The backup/home.tar.gz will not longer be included in that location. There will not longer be a "domains" directory at the top level. Both are swapped to "home" at the top level, next to the "backup" directory. If the ~/imap folder is on a different partition, it will be saved into "imap" in the top level of the tar file, else will be under home/imap in the tar. ======================================= DESIGN Borg uses an incremental backup system in a directory format, so the data is not first compressed into a single file. Instead, the data is extracted directly from one location and only the changes as compared to the remote side are transferred. Instead of creating a tar file, the temporary "backup" folder will be synced, and /home/user will be synced, direct from where it lies, to the remote repository. ======================================= INTERFACE As Borg will have many options, a new pages will be created to manage these options. The regular backup/restore page will simply let you pick which Borg option you've setup, to backup to.

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