Php selector to only show 1 selectbox (SKINS)

Version 1.55


CustomBuild 2.0 has the ability to support more than 2 php versions quite easily. The hold-back is the internal DirectAdmin code to manage php1 and php2 versions in the configs and templates. Also, the need for 2 php versions at the same time for one website seems very rare (we've not seen it in use). The solution is then to simplify the Php Selector in the Domain Setup page for a given domain to only show 1 php selector, instead of 2. This single selector will still given the User the option to select any php version that CustomBuild supports (still just 2 at the time of this writing, but more once we get it sorted out) We'll do this in small steps in case our above assumptions are incorrect. The internal default, which is already set it: php_version_selector=1 this was previously intended to be an on/off switch for the selector. This default value will remain unchanged, but it's functionality expaneded to be: php_version_selector=0 : off php_version_selector=1 : show only 1 php selector (.php files can be any version selected) DEFAULT php_version_selector=2 : show the previous 2 php versions. So by default, Users will only see 1 php selector with the php_version_selector=1 value in their Domain Setup page. If you are using this feature where you might need .php and .php72 for one website at the same time (which we've not seen), then you can set: php_version_selector=2 and please let us know.. as the current plan is to remove the 2nd php version instance from the templates, since it's likely not needed, and very rarely used. If this all goes ahead, then CustomBuild 2.0 will then be changed to support php3_ php4_ etc, up to N version (any number), likely for php-fpm (mod_php can only be used once) More DA changes will be needed for that later one, so this is more of a feeler for the proposed changes. If may php DO need the 2nd php selector, then the other option is to leave it there, but still allow CB2 to have php3+.. and only allow a domain to use 2 different versions at the same time (we prefer to no go this route). =================== SKINS token: if directadmin.conf php_version_selector > 0 PHP_SELECTOR_COUNT=1|2 =================== JSON if json var "has_php_selector" == "yes", then php_selector_count=1|2 =================== Keyword: PHP_SELECTOR_TABLE

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