Basic locking for LetsEncrypt requests

Version 1.55.0


User LetsEncrypt requests run in the background. The dataskq can take up to 60 seconds before it picks up the task.queue request to run it. This allows more than enough time for Users to make many requests, causing issues with multiple dns settings at the same time etc.. Basic locking will now happen for background LetsEncrypt requests. Any further attempts to do another background request will generate the error: "Domain is already processing an SSL request. Please allow it to finish before making other changes." Only the dataskq processing that letsencrypt request will clear the lock. If your dataskq isn't running, the lock expiry time of 5 minutes applies, so if the dataskq failed to clear it (for whatever reason), future requests will still work after that time. =========== LOCK FILE /usr/local/directadmin/data/users/USERNAME/domains/DOMAIN.COM.ssl.lock

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