Domain Pointers to have local/remote email control

Version 1.55


Previously, the Domain Pointers always followed the mail domain in terms of if they had local or remote email ("Local Mailserver" setting on MX Records page). DA will still flip pointers to match whatever the main domain is set to. However, now you can change Domain Pointers to remote/local independently after the main domain has been set however you wish. The CMD_DOMAIN_POINTER? lower table will now have a new column called "Local Mail" and 2 new buttons will appear at the bottom to the left of the "Delete" button: Local Mail Remote Mail The behavior of the form to control these values will be: CMD_DOMAIN_POINTER action=delete ( To set the select# list to be local, add: local_mail=anytext To set the select# list to be remote, add: remote_mail=anytext If you forget to add local_mail or remote_mail, these pointers will be deleted :) So ensure you're not using a new skin with these buttons with an older version of DirectAdmin. For Enhanced, it's not an issues because it's a hardcoded table+buttons that only shows up with this new version.

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