LetsEncrypt: max failed renewal attempts before sending failure notice

Version 1.55.0


New directadmin.conf option, internal default: letsencrypt_renewal_failure_notice_after_attempt=5 Because the renewal attempts start at (by default) 60 days before the 90 day expiry, this is 30 days grace before the SSL certificate actually becomes invalid. As a result, we do have time to retry renewals before we need to be concerned about a failure. This feature allows for up to 5 renewal attempts over 5 days before actually notifying the User, should the renewal fail a 5th time. Often times, a renewal may fail the first time but succeed later on, so this allows a few more attempts before actually notifying the User. After 5 attempts, if there is still a renewal failure, it will only then message the User. It will continue to notify the renewal failures until the certificate has actually expired, at which point no more renewals will happen (same behavior as before)

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