Services Monitor to use boot scripts as backup method to get parent PID

Version 1.55.0


In some cases, you might have a service in the services.status file, where there running binary does not match the boot name. As a result, DA might not see it running, so monitoring work. This also applies to spamsasssin (spamd) on FreeBSD, which shows "perl" as the binary. So the behavior will be, should the normal PID retrival method return zero PIDs, this will be the fallback to figure out if the above scenario is true (only for services.status items), and whatever it could figure out, to the list. For systemd, the Master PID is parsed right out of the "systemctl status httpd" (for example), only to get the master PID number. For init.d systems, it call /etc/init.d/httpd status, and strips the first pid number from there. DA will look within ( ) brackets for the PID numbers, eg: "status (pid 82103) is running..." Once the master PID is found, DA then uses it's own internal tools to find the child PIDs below it (varies per OS type) Affects: - Services Monitor - System Information - dataskq services running check Based on extra entries added into: /usr/local/directadmin/data/admin/services.status ----- Also, the "Services Monitor" also now fetchs ram usage, but using the main pid from the status, and calling: ps o comm,rss -C -p 12345

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