Multi-Server Setup: User Accounts

Version 1.63.3


New feature for the Multi-Server Setup (MSS), where multiple DA boxes can sync User accounts across multiple DirectAdmin servers. At the time of implementation, this is only basic sync of: 1) User accounts 2) Domains 3) Email account names/passwords can already be done with "E-Mail Accounts" in MSS (does not sync email message data) Internal directadmin.conf option: cluster_user_sync=0 where you can enable it by setting it to 1 and restarting directadmin. Consideration for the already present DNS sync is handled, where the creation of the domain as a subset of User creation does not push the new zone to the remote box. This is because the remote zone will already be created with the new User/domain. However, to ensure consistency, the local zone is pushed later on to the remote box when cluster_user_sync=1, after the creation of the User has completed. --------------- Progress: - User creation, which creates the remote User and domain. - User deletion (which will also delete domains under that remote User) Not done: - "Additional Domain" creation/deletion

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