Use TXT DNS for current DA version

Version 1.55.0


In an attempt to be more efficient at allowing all DA boxes to know which version is the most recent, we've added a new TXT record: 14400 IN TXT "v=1.54.1&f=1.541000" where DA will try that first, before attempting to connect to /ver.php. This will be far more efficient, since a lookup has to be done anyway to determine the A record for, before doing the high-overhead apache connection to check it. So we just skip that A lookup, and instead do a TXT lookup on, giving the version all in one clean hit. This has the added benefit of caching the values in your /etc/resolv.conf name-servers, so future hits won't even touch Note for systems where DA previously connection "bind" to a proper IP (say the lan_ip value wasn't set if you're on a LAN), it used to show: unable to connect For the version in Admin Level -> Licenses/Updates with this change, unless there is a DNS value, you won't be able to use the "unable to connect" version to determine if your lan_ip is setup incorrectly or not.

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