direct_crons and PATH= SHELL= HOME=

Version 1.55.0


The new direct_crons feature was not correctly handling any manually added PATH, SHELL, HOME variables in a Users crontab, thus generating: User cron parsing error. Check crontab.conf files or Error Parsing Cron File depending on which area you're viewing crons from in DA (Admin Level -> All User Crons, or User Level -> Crons) The fix will respect the setting and will return it back into the file when it's re-saved by DA. ===== Tested, and it also works with direct_crons=0, which does then save the PATH in the User's crontab.conf, but only if it was in the crontab, then you set direct_crons=0, and save. Else you'd need to manually add the PATH into the Users crontab.conf, eg: [root@test directadmin]# cat data/users/cronuser/crontab.conf 0=1 1 1 1 1 /home/cronuser/ 1=2 2 2 2 2 /home/cronuser/ PATH=$PATH but I doubt how many people would be using this method, as with proper support for: direct_crons=1 there shouldn't be any reason to have the middle-man file in use.

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