CMD_CHANGE_INFO: set multiple values at the same time

Version 1.55


New option with the: CMD_CHANGE_INFO call that allows you to set multiple values at the same time. First, include this in the request: set_multiple=yes which then lets you set more than 1 value. If any are no included, that's fine, it will only set what's passed. name=<anything> nvalue=Bob email=<anything> language=<anything> lvalue=en (session=yes) optional to set it only in the session file, not user.conf skin=<anything> skinvalue=evolution awstats=<anything> awstatsvalues=0|1 zoom=<anything> zvalue=105 If there are any errors along the way, it may abort prematurely, or may continue, depending on the error. Basically, if you get an error, don't assume anything was done. If any error did happen, the will not be called, even if some values might have been set. So if you get errors, ensure you inform the User clearly they it might be wise to then run it again, but on a per-item basis again, to ensure everything is set, and the is correctly called for each of those items.

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