Optional: check_referer_port=0

Version 1.55


New directadmin.conf setting: check_referer_port=1 with the internal default value as 1. When disabled, by adding this to the directadmin.conf: check_referer_port=0 DirectAdmin will not check to ensure the ports match during a request. The main use for this would be during a proxy request, where the ports may not match, but you still want other referer checks, like the host, to be done. Note, if you use: check_referer=0 then DA will automatically set: check_referer_port=0 just to avoid any confusion that may cause one to think the port check is still being done with check_referer=0, which won't be true. If check_referer=0 is set, then no referer checks are done at all, regardless of the check_referer_port setting.

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