Version 1.53.3


The CMD_API_ADDITIONAL_DOMAINS had two main method of calling a domain, eg: 1) CMD_API_ADDITIONAL_DOMAINS 2) CMD_API_ADDITIONAL_DOMAINS? They both give different results, due to performance reasons. There are some options, like local_main in #1 no in #2, but you might not want all domains in the output. This change lets you use #1 but filtering by domain.. giving similar results to #2 but with all options from #2. To use this, call without the aciton=view: CMD_API_ADDITIONAL_DOMAINS? which gives a domain list, like #1, but without the other domains. This saves the redundancy of making the two commands match, leaving the ability to alter action=view&domain=com in the future (could have gone either way, but this is fairly simple)

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