nginx 1.15.0: remove "ssl on;" (TEMPLATES)

Version 1.53.1


Changes in the nginx 1.15.0 release remove support for the "ssl on;" and rely on "ssl" being part of the "listen" line. =========== Changes with nginx 1.15.0 05 Jun 2018 *) Change: the "ssl" directive is deprecated; the "ssl" parameter of the "listen" directive should be used instead. =========== Older versions of nginx still work without the "ssl on;" option, assuming "listen .... ssl..." is set. Confirmed/tested on 1.13.12, but in theory should go back as far as "0.7.14", when support for ssl in listen was added. =========== TEMPLATES /data/templates/nginx_server_secure.conf /data/templates/nginx_ips.conf /data/templates/nginx_server_secure_sub.conf /data/templates/nginx_server_redirect.conf and CustomBuild 2.0 rev 1878: /configure/nginx/conf/nginx-vhosts.conf /configure/nginx_reverse/conf/nginx-vhosts.conf

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