User Level License Verification: CMD_LICENSE_VERIFY

Version 1.53.1


Users can now verify that their provider's license is valid, by going to: User Level -> Site Summary / Statistics / Logs -> DirectAdmin License: Verify button will be at the bottom, hardcoded into the table, to intentionally make it difficult to remove. This is a real-time check and is rate-limited per-User. If a User wants to validate their provider's license without using the software, they can instead go directly to our website: type in the server's IP and check it there. Note, the IP entered should be the server's main/licensed IP, typically whatever the server's hostname resolves to. Another way to find it (if you're using the default local dns settings) is to take it from the spf TXT record, as DA enters the ip4: value there for the server IP. The is rate limited. ========== JSON will have extra variables in the standard dynamic output, including: serverip= url= a_href=Confirm results on the <a href="">DirectAdmin Website</a>

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