New option: letsencrypt_renewal_error_to_users=1

Version 1.531


New internal default setting: letsencrypt_renewal_error_to_users=1 used to continue sending LetsEncrypt error messages to Users. However, the Admin be fully in control of User LetsEncrypt certificates, in which case sending the message to the User might be confusing. To send errors only to the Admin, add these values in the directadmin.conf: letsencrypt_renewal_error_to_users=0 letsencrypt_renewal_notice_to_admins=1 The letsencrypt_renewal_notice_to_admins=1 should be set internally already, but change it to 1 if it's set to 0 in the directadmin.conf. If both options are set to 0, DA will add it to the errortaskq.log.

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