LetsEncrypt ability to process User requests in the background (LANG)(SKIN)

Version 1.531


Include: background=yes with the LetsEncrypt requests, and DA will attempt to run them in the background, or include: background=auto and it only sends the requests that can go to the background (at this time, just the LetsEncrypt cert requests), in case you just want to blindly attach the variable to your form for all 'Save's. Newer wildcard requests take longer due to changes to the dns system, which could cause confusion or timeouts if run in the foreground. If there are any immediate errors, they'll still be send to the browser, as before, else the usual success message will be sent but with info about sending the request to the background. Any result will end up in the Message System.. good or bad. ============== LANG: lang/en/internal/ssl.txt 60=Your request will run in the background. Once completed, you'll be notified in the Message System. 61=LetsEncrypt request successful 62=Error with LetsEncrypt request Where 61 and 62 will be the subject lines, good or bad, for the Message System notice. ============ SKIN: user/ssl.html added: <input type=hidden name=background value="auto"> to the CMD_SSL form.

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