Option to not delete domain web data with domain (LANG)

Version 1.531


When a User deletes one of their domains, the confirmation screen will now have a checkbox at the bottom, checked by default, asking to delete the web data. If checked, the directory: /home/user/domains/domain.com is deleted, just as before. If un-checked, the directory: /home/user/domains/domain.com will not be removed along with domain.com However, all other areas, like email data, will still be removed. ----------- LANG lang/en/internal/command.txt 597=Delete web data 598=Preserving the web data only applies to /domains/domain.com. Other areas like E-Mail data will not be preserved. ----------- Functionality Because a checkbox is not passed if unchecked, and to maintain backwards compatibility, the form will pass: delete_data_aware=yes for all domain deletions. The you can either pass: delete_data=yes or not pass it at all to save the data (or delete_data=no is also fine.. as it explicitly checks for 'yes'). If delete_data_aware=yes is not included, then the checkbox will have no effect, and the data will be removed as before.

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