LetsEncrypt wildcards for free *.domain.com SSL certificates (SKINS)

Version 1.531


BETA The LetsEncrypt team has added support for free wildcard domain certificates. We've updated the letsencrypt.sh script to version 1.1.0-beta, as well as updated the binaries/GUI to support the new option. The wildcard version uses dns-01 checks, unlike the old method which uses http-01 checks. So to use wildcards, the dns must be reactive quickly, as specific records need to be added, named restarted, all in one sequence to make it work. This requires the latest DA binaries, and the new letsencrypt.sh script, as well as a skin that supports the wildcard options. ====================== REQUIREMENT - PLEASE ENABLE: dns_ttl=1 If dns_ttl=1 is not set, then wildcards will be disabled. At the time of this writing, dns_ttl=0 is the default so must be added to the directadmin.conf It's plausible that we enable dns_ttl=1 by default for the next release pending testing. ====================== SKINS user/ssl.html The main change in regards as to what to pass to DA is a new checkbox: wildcard=yes if it's not passed (or not 'yes') then it uses the old le_select0 options. If wildcard=yes is passed, then the options to pass are now called: le_wc_select0=*.domain.com The reset of the changes are all javascrip to show/hide the settings to try and keep confusion to a minimum. NOTE: with wildcard=yes, the common "name" should still be set to "www.domain.com". Only the checkboxes in the table below (le_wc_select#) will control which wildcard domain values are added. You must select *.domain.com for the main www.domain.com value. You cannot select only a *.pointer.com, and leave the main *.domain.com un-checked, as the naming on disk uses: domain.com.san_config and the settings inside wouldn't make much sense if the main domain was not part of it. So it's the same as before, just clarifies that the rule still applies to wildcards. Also add: <input type=hidden name=background value="auto"> to the CMD_SSL form, relating to running it in the background for tasks that can take longer to run: https://www.directadmin.com/features.php?id=2125

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