Per-record TTL changes (SKINS)

Version 1.531


BETA TODO: power_user/default skins. For now, internal default is off: dns_ttl=0 so to enable it, add; dns_ttl=1 to the directadmin.conf and restart directadmin. If a domain as a ttl_override enabled, the override will do just that.. override any per-record settings. This could be a quick way to reset all ttl values to a given value, if needed (then switch it back to the default ttl) =============================== SKINS admin/dns_admin_control.html user/dns_control.html user/dns_mx_control.html The DNS_ROWS value will have a 2nd column being the current TTL value of that record. As a result, the table needs to 'grow' wider (things like colspan) Also set a BLANK_TD, but padding it to <td></td> when dns_ttl=1. Top area after the Name td, but before the Value td. |?TTL_INPUT=| |?COLSPAN=4| |?BLANK_TD=| |*if DNS_TTL="yes"| |?COLSPAN=5| |?TTL_INPUT=<td class=list align=center><input type=text name=ttl size=6 value="`TTL_VALUE`" placeholder="`LANG_TTL_BLANK_FOR_DEFAULT`" title="`LANG_TTL_BLANK_FOR_DEFAULT`"></td>| |?BLANK_TD=<td class=list></td>| <td class=listtitle align=center >|LANG_TTL|</td > |*endif| Pad tables with |BLANK_TD| as needed. Insert |TTL_INPUT| into each record "Add" form, between the name and value. It will be blank if dns_ttl=0, but filled with the input field if enabled.

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