Do not affect php-fpm after installing a certificate

Version 1.53.1


As more websites are being encrypted, this means more regular certificate creation and changes. This request more regular restart of apache, which by default, also includes php-fpm. An exception has been added for any certificate change made (Normal, LetsEncrypt, Pasted, etc..) such that if you're running php-fpm, it will not be affected. Only httpd/nginx will be restarted/reloaded/graceful (as applicable to your OS/setup), but php-fpm will be left alone. As apache on systemd setups use graceful restarts, this means that without the php-fpm reload, it should make the restarts/reloads/graceful changes to apache nearly seamless (again, depending on your OS/setup) The change to the task.queue goes from: echo "action=httpd&value=restart&affect_php_fpm=no" >> /usr/local/directadmin/data/task.queue (where restart might be something else, depending on your setup), but the important part is the affect_php_fpm=no, which means any action done to httpd (or nginx or litespeed) , will no longer touch php-fpm along with it. This only applies to the CMD_SSL and CMD_API_SSL changes. The nightly tally will still do whatever it's going to do (php-fpm is not skipped), as suspensions or other changes as part of the tally may need it. NOTE: the task.queue automatically removes duplicate entries.. so if you had this twice: action=httpd&value=restart action=httpd&value=restart it would only be called once. However, with it possibly being like this now: action=httpd&value=restart action=httpd&value=restart&affect_php_fpm=no there might be some rare cases where httpd is restarted/relaoded twice in the same run (we may add extra code to address that... we'll see if it's needed). There is logic to check for the "hardest" "stop > restart > reload", where the biggest> takes priority... We'll continue to monitor if this case actually ever shows up.

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