Daily email limit in Show All Users (LANG)

Version 1.531


The cache file at: /usr/local/directadmin/data/admin/show_all_users.cache will now have an extra field for each User: email_daily_limit=## where it's set the limit for that User (/etc/virtual/limit or /etc/virtual/limit_fred) Any errors in figuring out the limit, it will be set to -1, but this should be rare/never. With that, the CMD_ALL_USER_SHOW page will add an extra value to the "Send E-Mail" column, where if an email was sent today, then that column will look like this: 1 (Today: 1 / 100) if not emails were sent today, then the column will look like 5 where "5" would be the sum of all emails sent this month, before today. The limit is not shown if no email was sent today. ======================= JSON The previous format options were: "sent_emails": "1:1", or "sent_emails": "5", but the new format options will add a 3rd colon opiton: "sent_emails": "1:1:100", matching up with the above examples. ======================= LANG /usr/local/directadmin/data/skins/enhanced/lang/en/internal/command.txt old: 498=  (Today: %lld) new: 498=  (Today: %lld%s%s) failure to update this file will result in it showing the hardcoded english version of the text because the number and order of % sequences must match, else it will be ignored. ======================= API as the call to CMD_API_ALL_USER_USAGE is a direct dump of the show_all_users.cache, this will just add the email_daily_limit=## for each User, as mentioned.

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