default_ttl=14400 directadmin.conf option (TEMPLATE)

Version 1.53.0


New internal default setting: default_ttl=14400 which is the default value used for zone TTL values. Changing this setting alters what all TTL values have for all records, zone TTL,etc.. You can still override the TTL of a User domain, regardless of this setting. ================ TEMPLATE /usr/local/directadmin/data/templates/named.db new token added: |DEFAULT_TTL| which is set to the default_ttl directadmin.conf setting. Changes in the named.db also include setting a local variable, and setting all default times to that local variable, eg: |?SET_TTL=`DEFAULT_TTL`| |?NS_TIME=`SET_TTL`| |?A_TIME=`SET_TTL`| |?MX_TIME=`SET_TTL`| |?CNAME_TIME=`SET_TTL`| |?PTR_TIME=`SET_TTL`| |?TXT_TIME=`SET_TTL`| |?AAAA_TIME=`SET_TTL`| |?SRV_TIME=`SET_TTL`| |?SPF_TIME=`SET_TTL`| |?TLSA_TIME=`SET_TTL`| |?CAA_TIME=`SET_TTL`| |?DS_TIME=`SET_TTL`| $TTL |SET_TTL| so that you can simply alter it once, eg: |?SET_TTL=1234| although... the need for this is rare, since you can now do it in the directadmin.conf. However, it might be handy for if-then-else scenarios, like: |*if DOMAIN=""| |?SET_TTL=4567| |*else| |?SET_TTL=`DEFAULT_TTL`| |*endif| but agian.. you could just set User domain in the GUI already. But non-User domains that might not have a hosting account, you could use this if-then-else method to set a specific TTL.

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