Ability to set DA binary OS in directadmin.conf

Version 1.53.0


New internal setting: os_override= which can be set to tell the call to /cgi-bin/daupdate to use a specific OS, rather than the value set in the license on our end. The values are the "value" from the OS selection dropdown when ordering a license, eg: For ES 6.0 64: os_override=ES%206.0%2064 For ES 7.0 64: os_override=ES%207.0%2064 For FreeBSD 11.0 64: os_override=FreeBSD%2011.0%2064 For Debian 9 64: os_override=Debian%209%2064 for example, where spaces must be swapped with %20 as DA passes it as a raw value, and apache won't accept spaces in the GET request, else it throws a syntax error. You'll only ever set this if you need to grab different binaries, and are unable to change in on our end (eg: you don't have /clients access) If you do not want this set, you must remove the os_override= completely from the directadmin.conf else it will still be used and will likely break the download.

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