paniclog check every minute

Version 1.53


Update: After some testing, it was decided to set the default value to 0, so it's disabled by default: exim_paniclog=0 You can enable the feature by setting it to: exim_paniclog=/var/log/exim/paniclog ----------- The dataskq will now check for a non-zero paniclog at: /var/log/exim/paniclog when the directadmin.conf setting is present: exim_paniclog=/var/log/exim/paniclog This check will be done every minute. If the file exists and has a size greater than 0, then a notice will be sent to all Admins in the Message System. DA will note the time of this send in the file: /usr/local/directadmin/data/admin/admin.conf with setting and timestamp, eg: exim_paniclog_last_sent=1513064965 So the next minute, when DA sees that the paniclog is still greater than 0, the sent won't occur again until 24 hours has passed. If the size is still more than 0 bytes, it will sent again. Note, if you want to disable this feature, change the directadmin.conf setting: exim_paniclog=0 or exim_paniclog= I decided to do a filesize check first, before checking the last send, because it's far more efficient than reading the admin.conf, sorting, and reading the exim_paniclog_last_sent setting. So a filesize check every minute has a very low resource consumption, vs admin.conf read/sort/load/check. -------------------- Update: The nightly full tally will check the admin.conf. If the exim_paniclog_last_sent value is not set to 0, it will reset it to 0. This does contradict the checks, above, since 24 hours would never occur, but we'll leave it anyway, in case we want to set a lower time limit. This would let whatever happens first be able to trigger more sends.

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