Clustering to show accounts/domains/info from remote servers

Version 1.53.0


The Multi-Server Setup (MSS) was original designed to link many servers together. We've already got options like dns zone syncing, checking remote servers for Users/Domains, and email account pushes. This addition will pull the info from the remote CMD_API_ALL_USER_USAGE call, and merge it into the local CMD_ALL_USER_SHOW output. When enabled for a remote MSS server, the local CMD_ALL_USER_SHOW table will include a new "Server" column. When you click on that User/Reseller, it will redirect you to that remote server, where you'll need to login. This is currently just informational, so you cannot delete or manage a remote Users locally. But you can click on the User url, which will redirect you to the remote box, but you must login to pass the referer check. ========= SKINS admin/show_all_users.html new token will be filled with |RESULT| if there are errors with the Cluster connection or authentication. Added a .warning_info css entry in the style.css. ========= JSON When calling CMD_ALL_USER_SHOW?json=yes check for the "remote_server" column. it will be set to an IP or hostname. If it's set (not blank), then this is a remote account, so the URL must be treated differently. To assemble the URL, there is an array called, eg: "remote_server": { "": { "port": "2222", "ssl": "no" } } which you can use, to do a lookup on that remote_server IP, eg:" "remote_server": "" which you can then do a lookup i the remote_server array, to determine which port and http or https with ssl=yes|no. ERROR will be included in the json output in the top level json array, eg: "RESULT": "Error with authentication on<br>\n",

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