Changed user.conf and reseller.conf "sentwarning=yes" to "sentwarning_bandwidth", and quota/inode (IMPORTANT)

Version 1.53


The user.conf and reseller.conf files had a variable: sentwarning=yes|no which was used to determine if an overusage notice was sent or not. This issue with that was that it tracked all 3 overusage types: bandwidth, quota, inode so if a User went over quota first, they wouldn't get a notice if they went over bandwidth later in the month (for example) The "sentwarning" variable is now deprecated and replaced with 3 new values: sentwarning_bandwidth=yes|no sentwarning_inode=yes|no sentwarning_quota=yes|no For most people, this won't matter much, Users will just get multiple notices if they go over limit with multiple types. However, some people may have scripts that manually change this value for various reasons. This variable will need to be swapped to the 3 new values, as needed in any custom scripts that use it. ---------------- Update: After coding it, I realized the Reseller notices were also using the user.conf sentnotice. So now a Reseller went from a possible only 1 notice, now to 6 possible notices, as reseller.conf does track it's own notices now.

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