Include iotop output in load monitor

Version 1.53


The check_load option previously sent a notice to all Admins including the "top" output for that moment. This change is to also include the iotop output, if it's available. CentOS 5: load_iotop_string=/usr/bin/iotop -b -n 1 CentOS 6/7 + Debian load_iotop_string=/usr/sbin/iotop -b -n 1 FreeBSD: load_iotop_string=/usr/bin/top -b -d 1 -m io all where you might notice "top" is used with the "-m io" option, to give io output, instead of cpu output on FreeBSD. -------- In order to use this feature, you must ensure the iotop binary exist in the above location for your OS. To disable it, set a blank value in the directadmin.conf: load_iotop_string= DA will check to see if the binary exists before running it (string up until the first space), so if the binary doesn't exist, that's fine too (the setting won't hurt anything)

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