show_all_users.cache now contains User "package"

Version 1.53


The cache file located at: /usr/local/directadmin/data/admin/show_all_users.cache will now contain the user.conf package value for all Users/Resellers. Note, that it's the *User* package... so although you might have assigned a Reseller some specific User package, they do have the ability to set their own User account to a different value (one of their own User packages) Just be aware of that, where you might be expecting to always see a Reseller package if it's a Reseller account, but it could show their own User package if they changed it. In the event that a User has been customized (manual setting of some User setting), it will show: package=custom If that is the case, then you should also see: original_package=packagename so you know what they used to have.

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