php-fpmXX.conf: add .inc to security.limit_extensions

Version 1.53


DA will now include .inc in the list of extension to be added to security.limit_extensions in the php-fpm.conf template. It's set in the |LIMIT_EXTENSIONS| tokens, so no need to alter any template files. Here's the code diff for setting the token: - tokens.setParam("LIMIT_EXTENSIONS", ".php .php52 .php53 .php54 .php55 .php56 .php60 .php70 .php71 .php"); + tokens.setParam("LIMIT_EXTENSIONS", ".php .php52 .php53 .php54 .php55 .php56 .php60 .php70 .php71 .inc .php"); tokens.extendParam("LIMIT_EXTENSIONS", tokens["PHP_VER"]);

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