Version 1.53


More json for the new skin. ================================= CMD_TEMPLATE_DIFF?name=virtual_host2.conf&json=yes Array of line numbers for index, value sub-arrary with: type: header|unchanged|plus|minus line: data for this line also in the main array: lines: <number of lines> ================================= CMD_ADMIN_FILE_EDITOR ================================= CMD_TWOSTEP_AUTH - page to setup and modify 2FA. CMD_ASK_TWOSTEP_AUTH - page to enter code. You might get a dynamic error on login with code: "error": "Two-Step auth failure", "result": "auth required" letting you know to ask for the code, and enter it. Then return codes for entering it should be self explanitor.. errors=bad, success=good you're in. Valid: "succes": "Two-Step auth success", "result": "" Note that a few of the error conditions imply the session has been destroyed, so don't keep trying. Full redirect to main screen needed (login page) "error": "Two-Step auth failure" with the "result" having a few versions: "session destroyed on verify" - don't bother trying again. Full re-login required. "attempt logged" - failure, but can try again. "session destroyed on ask" - don't bother trying again. Full re-login required. ===================================== CMD_CHANGE_EMAIL_PASSWORD CMD_CHANGE_FTP_PASSWORD non-standard json, test extensively. *May* need a directadmin.conf options to override the paths: /usr/local/directadmin/data/templates/email_pass_change /usr/local/directadmin/data/templates/ftp_pass_change to a skin folder, eg: /usr/local/directadmin/data/skins/evolution/email_pass_change /usr/local/directadmin/data/skins/evolution/ftp_pass_change so that the skin can control the display of that page, rather than the template directory(similar to login.html features.php?id=2009) ===================================== CMD_ASK_SECURITY_QUESTION for both loading the security question page, and submitting the answers. Standard success/error output, except the actual page load which should have: "question" and sometimes: "WRONG_ANSWER" "max_security_question_attempts" "attempts" if a wrong answer is given an the question page is show again. ===================================== CMD_LOST_PASSWORD and use this to create your own lost_password.html in the skin's directory:

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