Ability to create DKIM records through DirectAdmin (SKINS)

Version 1.572


DKIM keys are only created with a domain autoimatically when dkim=1 is set, or by manually running a script. This change will allow a 1 click-adding or removal of the keys and dns through DirectAdmin's interface. ==================== TOKENS DKIM=0|1 if dkim is enabled for this User (based on directadmin.conf and user.conf override) DKIM_ENABLED=0|1 dkim is fully on for this domain, based on the presence of the dkim.private.key, used by exim for dkim headers. If token DKIM=0 is set, DKIM_ENABLED will not be present. ==================== FORMs CMD_EMAIL_POP || CMD_API_EMAIL_POP method: POST action=set_dkim domain=domain.com disable=<anytext> or enable=<anytext> Which will enable/disable DKIM both through the /etc/virtual/domain.com/dkim.*.key files, but also with adding/removing values from the DNS. Output is the standard dynamic output for success/error. NOTE: enabling DKIM here, if you had just disabled it will create all new keys. Remote DNS servers would need to be updated to the new key values (copy them from your local zone if automatic dns clustering is not enabled) ==================== SKINS data/skins/enhanced/user/email/pop.html <form action='?' method='POST'> <input type='hidden' name='domain' value='|DOMAIN|'> <input type='hidden' name='action' value='set_dkim'> |*if DKIM_ENABLED="1"| DKIM is enabled <input class='mt20' type='submit' name='disable' value='Disable DKIM'> |*endif| |*if DKIM_ENABLED="0"| DKIM is disabled <input class='mt20' type='submit' name='enable' value='Enable DKIM'> |*endif| </form>

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