Periodically check to ensure versions.txt is being updated

Version 1.52


It's important to keep your server up to date. CustomBuild will help you update all of your services to their latest versions and config files. You can either do this manually or have it check via cron, but in the event that perhaps you've forgotten to update it, or perhaps the update isn't working (say a files server has a stale copy), this new feature will check to ensure that your file: /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild/versions.txt is no more than 30 days old. It does this two ways: - login time, after a successful login to DA by any account, there is a 10% chance the check will trigger. - monthly reset will trigger the check each time. New internal value: cb_version_check_odds_percent=10 where it's the percentage chance for any login to trigger the check. If you change this check to 0, then the check will never run for either the post-login trigger nor the reset.

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