UserDir for nginx in shared IPs (TEMPLATES)

Version 1.52


Previously, only the server IP could use /~username access with nginx. This change lets you use the shared IPs for /~username access. Affects: /etc/nginx/directadmin-ips.conf Also, this is controlled by the CustomBuild 2.0 option for: userdir_access=yes|no but if DA can't figure it out (eg: it's not visibly set to no), it defaults to "yes". Also make the apache UserDir settings enable/disable as well in the file: /etc/httpd/conf/ips.conf based on the options.conf userdir_access setting. If you don't need it on, we do recommend shutting it off, eg: ./build set userdir_access no ./build rewrite_confs ===================== TEMPLATES nginx_ips.conf - Added just below the index line: |*if HAVE_USERDIR_ACCESS="1"| include /etc/nginx/nginx-userdir.conf; |*endif| ips_virtual_host.conf - Added the if settings (was always present before) |*if HAVE_USERDIR_ACCESS="1"| UserDir public_html |*endif|

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