Version 1.52


If you call CMD_SECURITY_QUESTIONS with GET option: json=yes you'll get the output in json. See the contents of enhanced/user/security_questions.html for the usage of the tokens. ========================= num_questions=22 ---- Most variables should all be self-explanatory, but the "num_questions=22" will be confusing by design. The security_questions.txt file starts at 1, but index 1 must contain the last index number. By at the time of this writing, it's: 1=22 where the last entry is 22, eg: 22=What is the name of a college you applied to but didn't attend? Also, because 1 is taken, the first question starts at index 2. The json variable "questions" is standard table output, with the json[questions][info] showing info on columns, sorting, etc. When posting data, just like the API methods, include json=yes (GET or POST) and the dynamic output should be json-ified. ========================= SECURITY_QUESTIONS_DISABLED this value will be set to: SECURITY_QUESTIONS_DISABLED=disabled if the number of questions is 0. If this is set, then the checkboxes for: - security_questions should be disabled, because you cannot turn on the feature, with 0 questions available for DA to ask the client.

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