Ability to include custom other disk usage for a User (LANG)

Version 1.52


If you have data that should be counted in the total disk usage for a User, but does not fall under the standard usage areas (eg: data on a remote server), then you can use this option to create a hook, which lets you add extra bytes into the disk usage under "Other Usage" Set the following in the directadmin.conf: count_other_disk_usage=1 and create a script: /usr/local/directadmin/scripts/custom/other_disk_usage.sh the script must exit with code 0. If a non-zero code is exited, the output is logged to the errortaskq.log. The output on exit 0 must be a URL encoded.. and for now, it will basically just be: other_quota=12345 where 12345 bytes will be added to the user.usage file. In the future, we might add more, like other_quota=12345&something_else=56789 but for now, it's just "other_quota". The value must be a positive integer.

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