FTP Backup option to upload md5sum file

Version 1.514


New directadmin.conf internal default option: backup_ftp_md5=0 which you can add and change to: backup_ftp_md5=1 in the directadmin.conf to enable md5 uploads, along with the backup file. The ftp_upload.php will have a new environmental variable: ftp_md5=1 if this option is enabled, which then uploads a 2nd file, eg: user.admin.fred.tar.gz.md5 containing the current md5sum of the backup file. This can be used to verify the integrity of the backup on the remote server, to ensure backup was transferred correctly. The restore does not currently download or check this file, but if you get an error message during the restore, you'll then be able to manually check the remote file to confirm it's intact, and try again if it is. The environmental variable ftp_md5=1 is passed to the ftp_restore.php, but the script itself is not currently altered in any way to use it.

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