Admin Settings: maxfilesize can be KB, MB, GB, TB, etc (SKINS)

Version 1.514


The maxfilesize variable in the Admin Settings used to require entry in bytes. As very few people every actually work with those units in terms of file uploads, the variable can now be specified with the size units. Valid values are now: 536870912 512 KB 512K 512 K 0.5 MB 0.5MB 100MB 1G 0.1 GB etc.. Valid units are: blank (for bytes) K KB M MB G GB T TB ... although, you'll not likely want to allow anything large than a few Gig, at most for this particular variable. The number can be an integer or a floating point number, with decimals. DA will show the number with a space before the unit. The space is not required. However, upper case characters for the units are required, to avoid confusion with "bits" (vs bytes) where bits are usually a lower case b while bytes are upper case B. ================= SKINS admin/admin_settings.html swapped the |MAXFILE| token with |MAXFILE_UNITS| The |MAXFILE| token will remain untouched, to be backwards compatible. The value stored in the directadmin.conf will still be set in bytes.

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