Version 1.514


For the skin, a new option called: action=edit can be used to simultaneously delete a value, and add a value, in 1 call. This is not going to be in the enhanced skin, but would be handy for json in the new skin. Values are a combination of both the action=add and action=select. So use: method: POST action=edit selecttype=encoded type=A|NS|MX|CNAME|PTR|AAAA|SRV|DS where selectype=encoded is the same as deleting values, so see this guide for what to use in place of both "selectype" and "encoded": The intent is such that you specify the value you're editing with selectype=encoded, and then provide the new data in type, name, and value. Although, with the way it's coded, you can delete multiple values if you want, or even values that don't even match the name you're adding. It's pretty much just a merge of 2 calls into 2, where the deletion happens first. The "type" variable will be the record type. For most edits, you'll probably specify the same type as in the selectype, eg: type=A arecs0=encodeddata You can optionally include: json=yes if you want the output to be json.

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