+ cagefs: LogFile not always swapped

Version 1.514


The config file for awstats: /home/user/domains/ has a line: LogFile="/var/log/httpd/domains/" With cagefs, this should be swapped to: LogFile="/var/log/user_logs/username/" at the run-time of the script. Because the perl regex was run as the User, through "su", it required many characters to escape things correctly. I've swapped it for simpler version. Also, the now has VERSION=2.5 set near the top, so we can better track which version of is present. ---------- If you want to manually grab the v2.5 of this script, it's here: wget -O /usr/local/directadmin/scripts/ which is worth a try if your stats are not updating. Worth checking the LogFile value in the config though to see what it's set to. ----------- UPDATE: version 2.6 fixed the FreeBSD call from /bin/su to /usr/bin/su.

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