preloaded .htaccess RedirectMatch being inserted into nginx.conf

Version 1.51


On User nginx.conf rewrites, DA will read a domain's .htaccess file for any RedirectMatch created by DA. If present, the template: nginx_redirect.conf is used, and those redirects are added to the nginx.conf. But in some cases, the RedirectMatch settings set in the .htaccess file are not intended to be added in this way. ------- With this change, the behavior has been modified such that a: RedirectMatch ... line will only be used by DA in the nginx.conf if it has no leading space/tab characters. So it must be ^RedirectMatch (for those who know regexes) in order to qualify to be inserted. Most pre-loaded RedirectMatch .htaccess entries from CMSs typically are surrounded by <IfModule ...> checks, something DA doesn't do since we know mod_rewrite.c is always compiled into Apache.

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