CMD_API_DB_USER list Users for all databases

Version 1.51


When creating a database in the GUI, there is a dropdown to use an existing User. You could either call the CMD_API_DB_USER?db=user_dbname for each database to find all Users, or you could use this new call to get all Users without all of the other work. CMD_API_DB_USER GET: action=all_users eg: CMD_API_DB_USER?action=all_users this will exclude the system account username from the list, even though it's probably on the DB. Sampel return value: admin%5Fadmin=admin&admin%5Fasdfg=asdfg&admin%5Fdb=db&admin%5Fdropu=dropu&admin%5Flong=long&admin%5Ftest=test Where it's a standard url. The name's are: username_fred while the values are just: fred where 'fred' is the value you'd be passing for the username when creating a DB.

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