Ability to change ns1/ns2 values without affecting package (LANG)

Version 1.501


The page: CMD_SHOW_USER?user=username page will now have the ns1/ns2 rows as text inputs, and the right side of ns2 will be a button, "Save Nameservers". This will be able to alter your ns1/ns2 values without having the User package being set to "custom" Can be done with API as well: CMD_API_MODIFY_USER user=username action=single ns1=ns1.domain.com ns2=ns2.domain.com ns=<any text> This will also trigger the user_info_modify_post.sh hook script. ================= LANG lang/en/internal/user.txt 113=ns1 or ns2 are not valid nameservers 114=No changes have been made lang/en/internal/command.txt 572=%sSave Nameservers%s 573=Error saving Nameservers 574=Nameservers have been changed

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