Show Warning if DA has not been restarted since last license update (SKINS)(LANG)

Version 1.501


If the timestamp on the license.key file is newer than DirectAdmin's last restart time, a warning will be shown on the Licenses/Updates page, along with a URL to restart DA if needed. Failure to restart DA after updating a license may result in seeing a confusing "License Expired" message, even though the license itself is updated.. just not loaded in yet. SKINS: ----- enhanced/admin/license.html |*if da_needs_restart="yes"|         <tr><td class=list align=center colspan=2>*** <b>|LANG_DA_NOT_RESTARTED|</b> ***<br>         <a href="CMD_SERVICE?action=restart&service=directadmin">|LANG_RESTART_DA|</a></td></tr> |*endif| -------------- LANG: lang/en/admin/license.html LANG_RESTART_DA=Restart DirectAdmin LANG_DA_NOT_RESTARTED=DirectAdmin has not been restarted since the last license.key update!

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