Let's Encrypt: Ability to select which DNS records to include in the certificate (SKINS)(LANG)

Version 1.501


Changes to the SSL page. When the Let's Encrypt feature is enabled and set to 1 (not 2), a User can select this option when creating a certificate request (CSR) When selected, a scrollable table will show with a list of items that can be selected via checkbox. The items will include the domain name, all subdomains, and a preset list of options, eg: domain.com www.domain.com mail.domain.com subdomainname.domain.com as well as all of the above for all domain pointers under the domain. The User can select which ones they want, keeping in mind that there is a weekly request limit of 20 (at the time of this writing), so a single submission can never hold more than 20 items.. Keep in mind, if you select 20, then you make a mistake, you cannot try again until one full week later. =================================== OPTIONS in the directadmin.conf, internal defaults: letsencrypt_max_requests_per_week=20 letsencrypt_list=www:mail:ftp:pop:smtp letsencrypt_list_selected=www letsencrypt_multidomain_cert=2 letsencrypt_renewal_success_notice=0 where currently, the max_requests_per_week is only displayed, and not counted or enforced. The request itself will simply throw an error if they've exceeded the limit. This allows the LE site to increase their limit without needing to worry about DA having a lower limit. The letscrypt_list is a colon separated list of additional records to include in the list. The letsencrypt_list_selected value is a similar list, but contains those items that are to be selected by default.  It can be a subdomain that isn't in the letsencrypt_list, if you want. The letsencrypt_multidomain_cert value allows for all other domain under this User to show up in the list. If set to 1, then it only adds the other domains under the User. If set to 2 (internal default), then it adds the other domains under the User, plus any domain pointers under those domains. The option letsencrypt_renewal_success_notice by default is set to 0. If you set it to 1, then the User will get a message each time a renewal goes through without error. Renewal errors will always notify the User, regardless of this setting. =================================== SKINS user/ssl.html - many changes here:   - 3 new javascript functions   - The 3 main radiobutton options (server, request, paste) are now listtitle, rather than list class.   - The 3 request radiobuttons now have: onClick="set_letsencrypt_options();"   - Below the Cert Type, a new "tr" with the LETSENCRYPT_OPTIONS token, inserted.   - JS function init_letsencrypt_options(); should be called after the table is displayed. =================================== LANG lang/en/internal/ssl.txt 34=Must use letsencrypt=1 for options.  letsencrypt=%d is currently set. 35=Let's Encrypt Certificate Entries 36=Select 37=Requested LetsEncrypt value of '%s' is not an allowed value. 38=Must select more than zero LetsEncrypt entries. 39=Must include your domain %s in the LetsEncrypt entries. lang/en/user/ssl.html LANG_LE_MORE_THAN_ZERO=Must select more than zero entries. LANG_LE_CANNOT_EXCEED=Cannot exceed LANG_LE_REQUESTS_PER_WEEK=requets per week. LANG_LE_MUST_INCLUDE_MAIN_DOMAIN=You must include your main domain: LANG_LE_SELECTED=Selected Entries LANG_LE_MAX=Maximum requests per week

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