LetsEncrypt: Don't require the use of the other CSR fields (SKINS)

Version 1.501


The Let's Encrypt certificates don't include other fields like company, names, etc.. they're very basic. DA currently still requires that you fill out the whole form, so change the DA code and Skins so they don't require the "other" fields since they're not used anyway. --------- SKINS: user/ssl.html New javascript function: function set_letsencrypt_other_options(disp) {         document.getElementById('country_visibility').style.display = disp;         document.getElementById('province_visibility').style.display = disp;         document.getElementById('city_visibility').style.display = disp;         document.getElementById('company_visibility').style.display = disp;         document.getElementById('division_visibility').style.display = disp; } and made 2 calls to it in the existing set_letsnecrypt_options function: if (radios[i].value == 'letsencrypt') {         vis_element.style.display = '';         set_letsencrypt_other_options('none'); } else {         vis_element.style.display = 'none';         set_letsencrypt_other_options(''); } Added 5 <tr> ids to allow hiding/showing, eg:         <tr id=country_visibility>         <tr id=province_visibility>         <tr id=city_visibility>         <tr id=company_visibility>         <tr id=division_visibility> set for it's applicable row.

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